Security and Communications Integration – The Way Ahead

Formed in 1985 as Electronic Security and Communications Corp. in Manhattan’s Diamond District, ESCC started out with humble beginnings, installing security and communications systems for the local diamond merchants in the area. It was during this period that rapid technological advances would create a dramatic shift in both the security and communications industries.

ESCC’s President, Robert Horowitz, recalls “Even in those early days, we at ESCC knew that both the security and communications industries were being radically changed into electronic and technology-based platforms. We knew that the paradigm of separate security and communications industries was coming to an end. With advancements in technology, ESCC was able to become one of the first companies to integrate these distinct industries using the new technologies available at the time.”

In 1990, ESCC moved to its first long-term headquarters located on 23rd Street in Manhattan’s Flatiron District where they remained for over a decade. It was here that ESCC began to focus on commercial and high-end residential development projects utilizing advanced technologies to become New York’s premier security and communications system integrator.

From Humble Beginnings to a Full-Service Security and Communications Company

As a result of the increased demand for integrated security and communications services, in 2002 ESCC moved to its current home on Madison Avenue, growing not only in the number of employees but also in the size and scope of the projects it would take on.

The results of ESCC’s belief in integrated security and communications systems have been utilized in some of the most important commercial, high-end residential and multi-family development projects today. Recent projects include such unique properties such as One Wall Street, 432 Park Avenue, Cornell Tech Campus at Roosevelt Island and other trophy projects located throughout New York City and the country.

“The size and complexity of these developments continue to push our creativity in how we approach them; to compete, ESCC has grown into a full-service, top-to-bottom security and communications organization that can take on some of the most difficult projects in the industry.”

For ESCC, this means that all its core services such as commercial systems, high-end residential systems, design and consulting services, as well as ongoing support services can be integrated to meet the needs of even the most complex of security and communications challenges.

Securing the Future One Project at a Time

Indeed, ESCC continues to specialize in the ever-increasing security and communications challenges of modern commercial, high-end residential and multi-family developments. Even with rapid advancements in technological demands for integrated security and communications services, ESCC has remained steadfast in its company motto: “Integration Beyond Expectation” and plans to continue to do so for the next 30 years.