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Closed Circuit TV

What better way to expand your ability to identify someone who wants to enter your facility than through a camera lens? CCTV systems work in partnership with Intercoms, complementing spoken information with a picture. This pictorial control allows you to visually identify people authorized to enter or leave your facility. It also allows you to verify that one person has entered a door — instead of several people who might trail, unseen, behind a person identified by voice.

Security enhancement doesn't stop there. CCTV acts as both deterrent and witness to crime. Valuables are less likely to disappear from your office if there is a good chance the act will be caught on camera.

ESCC employs the latest technology in digital PC-based CCTV surveillance systems adaptable for any requirements, including indoor/outdoor, covert/non-covert and audio/non-audio applications.

ESCC has the expertise to install and maintain a state-of-the-art  
CCTV surveillance system for your facility.

Our digital PC-based CCTV systems:

  • ·                              Eliminate the need for Time Lapse VCRs and tapes;
  • ·                              Extend recording time from days to months;
  • ·                              Allow for improved image quality on recording and playback;
  • ·                              Permit access either through existing LAN/WAN networks or remotely through the Internet. For a demo please download this self extracting file.

For Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP Remote Access Demo (Ver 4.07)o    
Use this file for a new installation or to upgrade from any version to 4.07

This is self-extracting installation program. Once the installation is complete, start ESCC III
Remote from Start menu or from the shortcut on the desktop. Once the application starts, it will automatically log in to our demo unit.

o                                                     Viewer application Remote View Client (Ver 5.06)

ESCC will tailor design a CCTV solution specifically for your needs. From your initial phone call to us through our ongoing support of your new system, ESCC is there with you every step of the way:

We get you recording, and we keep you recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do this by providing unsurpassed comprehensive service Ñ from system conception through system inception. And we do this by understanding the connection between communications and security.

Our CCTV Systems integrate with our four other communications and security technologies, making us a one-stop integration company providing security and communications systems
all under one roof.

...the Closed Circuit TV connects to...